PERI Finance
Peri Finance Protocol using below equations to handle staking and subject to change
  • Staked Amount (User)
  • C-Ratio
  • Peri locked amount
  • Available External token stake Amount
  • Staked Escrow Balance
  • APR
    • APR by user
  • Reward Distribution
  • Fit to claimable
  • LP Price
  • Staking Reward(LP) reward calculation algorithm

Staked Amount

Available External Token Stake Amount

Staked Escrow Balance

If ( transferable PERI > 0 )
Staked Escrow PERI = PERI Locked Amount - PERI Balance
If ( transferable PERI = 0)
Staked Escrow PERI = 0
at, PERI Locked Amount = (debt / issuanceRatio) - USDC Staked Amount


Reward Distribution

LP Price

Staking Rewards(LP) reward calculation algorithm

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