PERI Staking

PERI Staking dApp

Features of PERI Staking

PERI staking dApp allows users to mint pUSD by staking PERI, USDC, DAI, and DEX LP tokens. Users can participate staking with their holding USDC and DAI stablecoin by PERI 80% : Stablecoin 20% ratio.

By staking tokens on PERI staking dApp, holders will receive regular staking rewards based on the vesting plan. These tokens are distributed to stakers based on their amounts of staking at the dApp. Users can also anticipate the inflation profit of PERI token prices.

Staking dApp has following four major functions:

Mint: Users can mint pUSD, the basic Pynths(PERI synthetic asset) of PERI Finance through their owned PERI token, stablecoin, and LP tokens. Minted pUSD used in trading various Pynths, perpetual futures swap on the PERI.Exchange.

pageStaking dApp — 1. Setting/Stake-Mint

Burn: By burning pUSD, staked tokens are unstaked. Unstaked tokens can freely transfer to other wallets(without escrowed amounts of PERI token).

pageStaking dApp — 2. Burn

Reward: PERI Finance distributes staking rewards to users on weekly basis. Users can claim their staking rewards and re-stake to mint additional pUSD on staking page.

pageStaking dApp — 3. Reward

Earn: LP tokens are issued by adding liquidity on DEX platforms. Users can earn LP rewards by staking LP tokens on PERI Finance staking dApp.

pageStaking dApp— 4. Earn(LP Reward)

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